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Friday, March 03, 2006

Where are we...what are are we

As I am writing this, am just wondering what exactly to talk about. Its been a long wait for you guyz to see something here. Writing a blog has become a craze now for our guyz. It’s actually good when you wanna express your thoughts/feelings/etc etc, which could not be put in an everyday conversation. So here I am with my thinking cap on and straining my fingers to pen a few sentences about ourselves, our thinking and behaviour. Those of you who are shocked...yes its me.

RDB, man what a movie. We all know that and lot of us have commented gr8 things also. As the owner of humourspace, I wanna give a funny touch to this episode. We have been talking about revolutions, responsibilities, passion, etc etc. Whenever we start the conversation, we say follow your passion. Just think, if I am passionate about WWE or geographic expedition or kama, there is no way I can go behind it for now right….It would be next big hit comedy movie if we guys go behind wild animals to shoot them just for the sake of passion. Coming back to our conversations, every time, just 2 seconds after the great discussion on all those high profile topics, our standard dialogues ‘nodu maga figure hegidale’ ‘ba maga take off ge/ yavaga mathadona’ follow. I don’t say its wrong, but I guess that’s what we wanna do. We wanna just talk about what’s good or bad and leave it, thinking we did a great job. The next day we are doing our same old jobs, going behind positions/money/fame/take offs :) whatever it is. Because the big question what everyone asks before doing anything is the returns…right from the tax returns to even charity, you look for something in return…tax returns might be just for money but charity would be for getting some more punya or boons. It means we do things for our own sake.

My passion might be to get into the art world, but I am very uncertain about the consequences and so not bothered to even try it. It’s also because I am worried about the returns from it I guess and the society in which we are living. Just on a lighter side again, Prash said studying nature would be his passion, but he is busy studying the trees for electric than anything else. Suraj said watching movies would be his passion, but now, though he is probably moving in the right direction of empowering the youth, vitamin M is pulling his leg from going all out…so first he is forced to do some basics apart from his passion to get back to it again…I don’t know the passion of other guyz…so cannot comment on it. Having said all this, its tough for me also to decide what to do, which could be worth the effort and gives utmost satisfaction, say 15 yrs from now. I guess we have to think really BIG (guyz hope u got it right ;)), to overcome any obstacles/fear for going ahead and doing what we want…On the other extreme, we also think, lets have a ball of a time now…why chumma worry about 20 yrs ahead…So ultimately we are all meaning making machines and we take things just the way we want. There is no end to the question “why”, I guess.

I don’t know what I wrote made sense, but I hope it makes you scratch your head atleast once, somehow. All of us are becoming very philosophical I guess. So probably I would choose a funnier topic next time.

Okay as a leaving note, all I can say is:
“Banigondu Yelle yellide. Ninnasegelli koneyide. Yeke kanasu kanuve. Nidhanisu Nidhanisu”.

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